I wonder what's
in here...

This is a symbol that is becoming increasingly popular within mainstream culture. You’ve seen it on the front of Coldplay’s album “A Head Full of Dreams”, on the front of Bring Me The Horizon’s album “Sempiternal”, and around the necks of hippies and spiritualists.

The Flower of Life can be found all around the world at various temples and sacred sites, including Egypt, China, India, Peru, Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria, and in Leonardo Da Vinci’s journals where he made extensive studies of this geometric pattern.

It holds many meanings. The one that I’m most interested in is it being “the pattern of creation”. That from this symbol, which replicates itself infinitely, you can distil all kinds of mathematical ratios and information that can explain and describe the world around us.

I like to think that this pattern is in itself proof of an intelligent creative force or “design” behind the universe itself. A wild concept for some perhaps, but I’d be out of my job if I didn’t have an imagination… If anything, I chose to use this pattern as a symbol of my awareness of the value of design and that design does indeed work.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Flower of Life, check out “The Flower of Life: Volume 1” by Drunvalo Melchizedek, who helped to re-introduce this symbol into mainstream awareness.