Learn more about me and how I work

Ey up

It's me again.

I run a design & branding studio called Clay.

West Yorkshire based

But enjoy travelling, and can work remotely.

Versatile skillset

My skill-set covers most things digital and printed, for more information on what I can do for you, click here.

The Important Stuff


My practice takes an approach to design that considers it’s long-term affects. On this basis, I don’t work with businesses or products that have a negative impact on people or the environment. I.e. The Mafia, Fossil Fuel Companies and GMO Food Manufacturers – essentially everything that keeps the world spinning (though we’re not sure if it’s actually flat).

Design Approach

I see design as a careful balance of science and art. Solving problems through creative thinking. Everything that we see around us has design thinking behind it. 

The best design is design that we don’t need to think about, it just works. It takes pressure off our minds by making things simple and intuitive.

Professional Standards

I am a dedicated, passionate and qualified professional with 9 years of experience working on all kinds of projects both solo and as part of a team.

Throughout that time I’ve learned the value of genuine empathy, communication and listening. The best outcomes always come from intentional co-creation.

As a one-man-band, there is only so much I can do at once, but what I can do is done to agency standards and I have creatives on tap if more hands are required.


I like to be upfront with payment and budgets, and appreciate it if you are too. 

With projects under the value of £5000, I take between 30 - 50% of the total project fee as a deposit. This is non-refundable. With projects over or equal to the value of £5000, I will generally take a deposit of 20-25%. This is negotiable. 

We can work out payments after the initial deposit on dates and in amounts that work best for both of us. 

Unless agreed otherwise – late payments will incur interest at a rate of 10% per month, of the total amount due.

If you have a project that you'd like to discuss, please get in touch.